We'll Never Have Paris


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackiecouchman 7 / 10

A masterpiece in indecision and klutziness

I think it's fair to say that most of us have known a Quinn-type character; excessively nervous, inclined to exhibit OCD tendencies, intelligent but inarticulate, lovable but not obviously attractive. Helberg couldn't be other than he acts himself, could he? His character is played out perfectly and hilariously. If only the same could be said for the other characters, most of which hardly got off the starting blocks. Major opportunities were missed to explore the supporting characters and their motives; maybe other movies will follow to redress this omission? Favourite moment has to be when Quinn realises that his dream "model" girl isn't at all compatible with him and his reaction to those deal-breaking traits. A funny, watchable movie which was exactly the length it needed to be. I would like to see a sequel which told us what happened next to Quinn and perhaps also what happened next to the other main characters, Devon, Kelsey, Jameson, Kurt and Terry (or maybe a retrospective for him).

Reviewed by letyw 7 / 10

lovely little movie

I don't believe in the low rates people gave to this film. It is an cute romantic comedy, but apparently people like nonsense like Nicholas Sparks and 50 shades of Gray :(

Both actors are believable and endearing. the whole story could happen to anyone deeply in love and this is what makes the film so adorable. I really enjoy watching it.

Oh, and the soundtrack is great too and there are great shots of Paris. Simon Helberg has a great comic timing (we know that from TBBT!) and Melanie Lynskey is one of my favourite actress.

It's really funny to think that this is a fictional version of something that really happened to Simon and his wife.

Reviewed by Ryan Prince 6 / 10

Unlikable, but not worthless

-We'll Never Have Paris is a limited release film about a loser who, after dating a girl for 10 years, decides to finally propose. He then is almost unintentionally drawn into two different relationships, causing his girl to run away for Paris and hi to go after her and beg her forgiveness.

-I saw it because Zachary Quinto was in it. Really that is the only reason. What I got was not a terrible movie, but it not that good.

-The story would be clich?, cheesy, predictable, and over-the-top rom-com. However it is actually based on a true story, which is one of the best things the film has going for it.

-The pace was not great, but I did not find it slow, just uneven.

-The acting was a balance between good and bad. So yeah. It stars the guy who plays Howard Walawitz, and he did a fine job. The girl did a fine job. The daughter from taken did a fine job. And Zachary Quinto did a fine job. But nobody was more than just fine.

-The characters are interesting to watch and entertainingly inconsistent, but most of the supporting characters don't seem to serve much of a purpose. Another problem with them is that you don't like any of them.

-The music was interesting. Most of it was French, but they only spent the last 1/3rd of the film in France, so it did not seem to really fit that much.

-So one of the worst things about the film is that it I a comedy, but I only laughed once in the entire film. It is also a 'romantic' movie, with only one romantic moment. So it really did not succeed at what it was trying to be.

-Also, We'll Never Have Paris is rated-R and would have been the same or better if it were PG-13. It has some language in it, but not consistently harsh. It also has a strong PG-13 amount of sexual content.

-So We'll Never Have Paris has a few small elements, like a good finale, that are entertaining, but it really did not succeed as a comedy or a romantic movie. Combine that with characters you don't really like and you get a film you have no attachment to. I'm going to say that We'll Never Have Paris really just isn't worth the time.

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