The Starving Games


Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lomedin 10 / 10

For fans of Scary Movie and related spoof movies

I don't really understand what people expect to find when they decide to watch movies like this. I do know what I can expect, because they are always the same. If you like this type of ridiculous, non-intelligent, dirty comedy, good. If not, why do you bother?

I had a good few laughs with this movie, and it entertained me more than other films that apparently are great (see pacific rim). This movie is not pretentious nor tries to amuse you with new, all fantastic jokes. It doesn't need much budget and it's something I appreciate. It's also better than other predecessors such as Disaster Movie or Epic Movie (those were actually quite bad). As I said before: if you like the Scary Movie saga and related spoof movies, go for it.

Now, 10 is probably a bit overrated, but I can't stand the 3 or so score that this movie shows at the moment, while other trash is in the 7s range.

I expect a lot of clicks on the NO button regarding if this review was useful to you. Please, be my guest, I wouldn't have it any other way. The day I am loved by the masses will be the day that I start rating movies like twilight with a score of over 5.

Reviewed by Westeire 10 / 10

Best Spoof movie ever

As spoof movies go this is great. Well worth watching it, lots of laughs... (Bla bla bla.....) what am I going to say in this review? This time out, Friedberg and Seltzer stick closer than usual to the plot specifics of their primary target, and only sporadically attempt collateral damage by skewering other pop-culture phenomena. Maiara Walsh does what she can to preserve her dignity while gamely shouldering the lead role of Kantmiss Evershot, an archery-adept heroine who proves improbably resilient while competing in a nationally televised kill-or-be-killed survival game.The young woman warrior is just one of several figures intended as parodies of characters in "The Hunger Games." But with the arguable exception of the autocratically tyrannical President Snowballs played (not half-badly) by Dietrich Bader, Kantmiss is the only one that comes even close to hitting the mark as an on-target satirical creation. (Oddly enough, there is no equivalent here for the cynical ex-champ played by Woody Harrelson in "The Hunger Games." Maybe the filmmakers figured they couldn't come up with a name that would sound nearly as funny as the original's Haymitch Abernathy.)

Reviewed by Viktor Vedmak (realvedmak) 10 / 10

Mindless comedy exactly as advertised

If you did not see Hunger Games, see it before watching this movie.

This is a parody of Hunger Games, and it does that perfectly. Humor is dumb, but it is supposed to be dumb. If you watch Beavis and Butthead, you do not expect Mike Judge to make it a masterpiece, it is what it is. This movie is that sort of humour. Besides, it has half a second of Gangnam Style and Gangnam Style makes everything better.

When I came to rate it, it was standing at 3.1 on IMDb. That is just not right.Overall it is a 5 or a 6. I only give 1 or 10, so since it is a movie I think lot of people would enjoy, and which I enjoyed watching with pizza and friends, I gave it a 10.

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