The Monster That Challenged the World


Horror / Sci-Fi


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ClassixFan 9 / 10

Prehistoric Mollusks Are Creepy!

Following an earthquake under the Salton Sea, killer mollusks make their way to the surface and make the locals part of their diet. This film is much better than what most fans of 'creature features' might suspect. The mutated mollusks really do have that creepy look to them and the cast seems to take their roles rather serious. Tim Holt, who was better known as a 'cowboy' from the early days of film is Commander John Twillinger and while rather short and stout, he hardly fits the bill of a lead, but does a nice job with this role. Audrey Dalton plays his love interest and Hans Conried is the scientist attempting to help the Navy destroy these beasties. This really is a fun film and trust me, there are far worse things you could watch and this film is really enjoyable.

This film was actually based on a true story!

Reviewed by Strnad 8 / 10

On the A-list of B pictures

Of course The Monster That Challenged the World is slowly paced. With a budget of about twenty dollars there's a lot of filler. But what little budget there is, is well used in creating a great animatronic monster.

The story is basic but well-structured and it works. I can watch this one over and over without wanting to throw things at the screen or yell at the characters for doing stupid things. My intelligence is more seriously insulted by modern horror films and their idiot protagonists than it ever is by The Monster That Challenged the World.

Among low-budget sci-fi flicks of the 1950s, The Monster That Challenged the World ranks near the top!

Jan Strnad (aka J. Knight)

Reviewed by preppy-3 8 / 10

Great big bug movie

I originally saw this on Saturday afternoon TV when I was in junior high and high school. A local TV station showed it again and again. It scared me silly then. It still works now (to a degree).

People are being attacked and killed by what looks like a giant caterpillar.

They (supposedly) kill it...but there are others.

It's intelligent, quick (82 minutes) late 1950s big bug movie. The acting is pretty bad, but who watches a horror film for acting? The question is, is it scary and deliver shocks? This one does. The monsters themselves are very unpleasant-looking, one attack scene made me jump and there are some very gruesome looks at mutilated dead bodies ... quite extreme for a 1950s movie (this film is NOT for very young kids).

Yes there is a lot of filler, but the dialogue is fairly interesting, everybody keeps a straight face and I was interested. So, it's an entertaining, well-done movie with great monsters and (for the time) good special effects. Well worth seeing.

Why isn't this film better known?

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