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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sanghaejang 10 / 10

One of the few films that made me cry..... more than once.

I literally just got home from the movie right now and this is the very first thing I do. Rate 10 and write this review.

The movie premiered today in my country, Cambodia. And guess how many people had show up??? 1. It was me.... Lol. I honestly sit the entire movie theatre alone. Yes, I am a horror films fan and that creep me out very much. However, this is the very good opportunity for me to enjoy the film alone without those annoying cinema's rat people. I can laugh, cry loudly without worrying nobody. My country's people is not a drama fan... They probably squeezing each other at the comedy's and action's section.

Oh right.... the film is a masterpiece. The storyline and scenery, the cast and everything about the film is just wonderful. It's like one of the most beautiful film I have ever seen since Blackswan. This film should win an Oscar just for its existing. The storyline was beautiful. And the fact that it is real made me cry even more. At the beginning of the film it was so so touching and sad, and then it made me laugh somewhere in the middle, and it ended with me crying like a baby alone in the theatre. Like literally. The cast performance is wonderful. They should probably need to win some awards or i'll hate everyone.

The film ended, and I walk out alone from the entire theatre, with red eyes, tear all over my face and every single cinema's employees stare at me like what wrong with this guy LOL. And I drove home thinking about the movie and cry some more. And yes, just like after Blackswan, it took me at least a few hours for me to recover from the film's effects.

Reviewed by sanderllc 10 / 10

Great film, trailer misguiding

The Good Lie, it's a great movie about humanity and values. It's not a documentary about the civil war in Sudan. The trailer is very misguiding, letting the viewer thinking of a clich?' comedy which is not. Nor it's an informative guide about the who and why of a civil war. What I've found interesting, listening to the Q&A at the Tiff, is that the writer took ten years to build this story mixing the life real event of few Sudanese refugees. During the first part of the movie, I was expecting more blood, more extreme violence. But then, the more the movie was going, the more I understood that skipping graphic brutality was a choice, and the whole product was becoming more poetic at moments without losing that neorealism characteristic of Philippe Falardeau's work. At times, I felt like when I was watching for the first time Benigni's "Life is Beautiful" or the work of a modern De Sica. Acting wise, Whiterspoon's work is great in this movie, realistic and never overwhelming and so Corey Stoll does a great job.

But I was greatly pleased with the excellent performance of Arnold Oceng, all the Sudanese actors in the movie, all former refugees, and the stunning newbie Kuoth Wiel.

Overall, I'd suggest to bring your preteens to watch this movie: it would set an example on how family and value should never be forgotten no matter how hard life gets.

Thank you.

Reviewed by chungs69 10 / 10

This movie has it all and delivers

This movie is based on true events and plays on the audiences emotions on every level. It tells a tale of brother-sisterhood, love, friendships, and dedication to family. Most importantly, it shows the extremes of we as human beings can be so cruel but yet be so kind and caring. And as dramatic a movie as this was, there were several humorous points to ease the tensions of what this movie was really about. Also, just when you're thinking you're watching a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, the accompanying cast of Sudanese refugees steal the show. Great story, great directing, great cast, and great acting all around.

'A Good Lie" was possibly the best movie at TIFF this year.

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