The Black Waters of Echo's Pond


Fantasy / Horror / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by delaG-Lisa 10 / 10

This film was so much fun!

It was one hell of a roller coaster ride! I really liked how each character's psyche unraveled after they played the game. So often in horror we watch killings take place but we never learn WHY. The psychological aspect of this film is what makes it original. I was also really fascinated how accusations and jealousy would spin out of control over seemingly innocuous incidents. For example, the character, Josh, is certain that Renee had an affair with Anton when she was in Anton's room, why? - because the door was locked. When Josh confronts Renee, she insists that the door was, in fact, jammed - not locked. He then interrogates her with the question, "Then why was it closed anyway?" How many times in relationships have we had arguments with our significant other over seemingly trivial events that spiral into an all-out fight? Perhaps, when this is actually what happens when people that we read about in the papers, people whom we never would have expected to have committed a homicide, the "buttons" that get pushed, the "hot-spots", and relationship taboos that come up as a "lover's quarrel" spins out of control - this is where the lines between and murder. even lurking below the surface of Josh and Renee's quarrel, is a bottomless pit of resentment - for example, all the while, swimming in the back of Josh's mind, is the repressed anger and envy that Renee's first boyfriend was his best friend Anton, whose room she came out of with a "guilty expression," at least that what Josh swears he saw on her face. These type of relationship tiffs lurk beneath the surface of every couple in the film.

Reviewed by BakuryuuTyranno 8 / 10


I was surprised when, after some time with effective atmosphere,a very weird, silly occurrence changed the film's tone. However...

1 - When its scary, its actually scary, featuring atmospheric scenes that build tension very well.

2 - When its funny, its actually funny, perhaps because of the contrast with the serious scenes, and actually handles the switch very well - usually it takes itself as seriously as any individual scene needs to be, which occasionally resulted what just happened, so perhaps this film isn't for everyone - it's very weird.

3 - I was considering actually dropping the rating of any horror film focusing on teenagers - fortunately these ones are fleshed out somewhat, and aren't nearly as annoying as the ones found elsewhere in the genre,

Reviewed by allprosales 7 / 10

more marketing was necessary I think...(spoiler)

I'm in the line to get in and the people behind me comment; "what's Blackwater about?"hmmm.... I know some of the people who did this movie so I know it's a B-movie upfront. Horror genre, psycology thriller type and I've lined up the perfect date for this. Sex and gore and thrill kills, some screams;great movie to set the mood when we get home.I'm thinking she's saying to me, "babe what got in to you...Pan?"THE MOVIE: The movie is paced OK, the characters had to be developed.I think since one of the characters had a breast job done, they should've been exceptionally large.The lesbian scene should have been shown.The nice twin should've went through with her swapping and it should've been depicted as wild.The other twin should've been shown kind of cold;then they kill people.Sex and gore and screams;this is that type of movie.Robert Patrick was OK.The sound in this movie was fantastic and I do mean really good!The HD picture quality was good also.The acting was OK.I'm a Scorsese, Tarantino type of guy;never enough blood,sex,gore for me and more could've been shown here.The storyline was a great idea also.Over-all rating--GOOD.

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