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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dominic NooferSnoofer 9 / 10

Such a scary movie, man it was good

Man that doctor scared the fish outta me! I had no lights on in the room, but it got too scary so I had to turn on my lava lamp. It started out funny and stuff, great acting I thought they were not acting until halfway through the movie! (Same with Project X, I thought they were just recording it all). Then it progressed into very scary, I was about to cry, holy moly. Watch this movie, and I bet you will be ?ber scared like I was. I liked it but it was so scary. The girls were hot and the beer was cold, the games were few but the scariness was high. Vegas was a perfect place for the movie to be set in. I don't agree with the other reviews, I thought that this movie was outstanding. Most reviews on movies, especially comedies and horror movies are underrated in my opinion.

Reviewed by lukejbarnett2002 7 / 10

A fresh, creative, original, unique, new style slasher film.

This film is about a group of guys who go to Vegas to get some Escorts. After they get them they find out that the whorehouse has deadly repercussions for them.

This film is well directed, has a good pacing, has good acting, it has such a great, creative, fresh, original feel to it, and mostly gets things right as far as keeping you entertained. This is a very well made film. I was really impressed with the professional way it was directed, written, and paced. It had believable, relatable, realistic characters, scary villains, good tension, good acting, clever, realistic dialogue, and a good, fresh, inventive way of filming and presenting it.

The important thing to know about this film is the characters are well fleshed out, unique, and real feeling. You get to know the characters quite well before the killings start. The characters don't feel clich?d at all. They don't act immature for their age. They feel like real, authentic early 20 year old men and woman. It could of had a better ending and way of showing the characters as they were being killed as far as making them seem more real(their personalities weren't shown that much in the scenes where they were killed)and it could've explained more about the motives of the killers, but overall it was really impressive and better than most horror films made nowadays. It has an authentic feel because of the POV, homemade, camcorder way of showing things happening. Most of the film has a found footage, POV perspective to it which makes the things that happen seem more real and convincing. One of the most important things that makes this an above average horror film is the main characters truly felt real, varied, unique, and likable. They felt like real people who act like most men their age do. That level of honesty and authenticity is usually sorely missed in horror films made nowadays. They each had unique characteristics and ways of acting. Another thing is there is a creative twist at the end which gives you a different perspective on what happens at the end of it. This twist is very stylish, very intelligent, extremely original, and very creative, which is in line with this consistently creative film.

It's almost never boring and never is stale in how it feels. It keeps you intrigued and invested in everything that happens to the characters. It makes you care for the main characters when bad things start to happen to them. And, that's the main key to what makes a good film and the main difference between this fine film and most of the other horror films made nowadays.

Reviewed by lweidenauer13 2 / 10


There really is no storyline, a group of kids go to Vegas for a 21st Birthday. The drive to Vegas is almost a waste of filming as really nothing interesting happens so it could have been shortened. There is zero suspense as it is so obvious what is about to happen and so not real, it's just silly. These kids are completely stupid as I'm pretty sure they would not have gone to so much trouble to drive to some unknown warehouse just to meet strippers. This is Vegas after all and why would you venture anywhere to find something that is right on your doorstep. At least make the storyline a little more believable. Awful low budget film.

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