Scorched Earth


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sullyfaucher 10 / 10

Gina needs more good scripts and bigger budgets.

Gage is a bounty hunter in the future where silver powder for breathing masks and water tablets are the commodities needed to sustain life. John Hannah plays a former hunter now a doctor due to injury. They have good chemistry and are even a bit funny. The action is great as Gina kicks ass everywhere she goes. Her sister was taken when Gage was younger and has nightmares about the incident so that when she goes after the guy who is the largest bounty, she finds out that he is the one who took her sister. The acting is good, all are believable and give good performances. I'd never seen any trailers and was surprised when I found this one and was not disappointed. It won't win any Oscars but was a good watch. I gave it a ten because at 3.7 of a rating, I felt it was unfair. Gina may be an ex MMA fighter but she's developed into a pretty good actress. I agree with the other reviewer that Gina needs better scripts and bigger budgets.

Reviewed by DonnieHogan 10 / 10

Extra Cookies for Gina!!

I have gone off grid but rest assured the same awesomeness is felt everytime I watch this action star.

Yes,,,a true action star. I mean after you fight Deadpool and Petty from fasten furious,,,,peppers

Ill give this girl extra cookies,,,they are well earned. #therealhogans

Reviewed by applecrunchvape 7 / 10

An unexpected gem of a film

I watched this film the other night and i must say i was surprised at just how much i enjoyed it. It came with a slow start but having watched it i understand why. It reminded me just how human nature would act and turn at a moments notice if one thought their demise would be at the cost of natures doing.
absolutely worth a watch. Cage is our heroine in this flick and played well. There are some laughs along the way unexpectedly which gave a breath of fresh air to a dire situation our characters face in this "each for their own" flick. To me she was likable from the start and her doctor friend was equally good.
Think the Walking Dead in the later series, just without zombies
Thankyou for reading

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