Nitro Circus: The Movie


Documentary / Action / Comedy

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as Himself - Nitro Circus Crew
as Herself - Nitro Circus Crew
as Himself - Nitro Circus Crew
as Himself - Nitro Circus Crew
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristin B 10 / 10

A Fantastic film!


Travis Pastrana, and crew are amazing. I have been a fan on the "Nitro Circus" since the beginning. This film is compiled really well, and I was not bored for one minute.

It really shows all their talents, and everyone has their time to shine. I've heard people say, this stuff is horrible, no it's not! it's their talent! Everyone does different things. I'm sure there are things that every single one of us do, that someone else doesn't like. To each is their own, so don't down this movie because it's not YOUR THING!

Its humorous, daring, intriguing, fun, and a whole lot more. The 3D is very worth it!

Please go see this movie, because it really is awesome! They put a lot into this, and to any fan, or anyone remotely interested, you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by shoxsey 10 / 10

1 hour and 26 minutes of entertainment insanity

Never would I have thought that I could sit through anything that had to do with extreme sports but these guys are amazing. There is a small amount of background given to each personality in the Nitro Circus crew and you quickly become attached to these guys. This raises the excitement factor considerably when they do a major stunt. You can feel the energy, excitement, fear, and even sometimes sadness that's going on at the stunt location. I recommend the full 3D experience on as big of screen as possible with volume cranked up. Never thought I would say that at my age. The is mild adult language for a film like this so I would still recommend watching with your teens.

Reviewed by Big-Mumf 10 / 10

First ever 10 on IMDb

This is the first time I have given a film a 10! OK, it's not an adaptation of a Steven King novel, or a special effects laden Sci-Fi epic, what it is, is a group of friends living the dream.

Each 'character' is introduced in a witty and entertaining way, followed by insane stunts. Nitro Circus doesn't have the same cringe factor as Jackass and there's less of the mundane nut shots and basic jerking off that Jackass has, which makes it more appealing to Extreme sports enthusiasts as well as the general public who have grown weary of the Jackass boys trying to out do themselves.

The story is a journey to the live show in Las Vegas, which is explained well enough to keep the viewer entertained and involves 'us' in the excitement and anticipation of the climax of the film.

As mentioned in the title, this is the first film I have given a 10/10, I understand that if you're not into X Games or extreme sports this film may not appeal, but then, it might open your eyes to what some people are prepared to do for your entertainment as well as giving them the adrenalin rush some of 'us' need to live.

My advice is to turn out the lights, grab a few cold beers and enjoy the lunacy.

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