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Reviewed by mark-186-959959 8 / 10

Awesome fun

As an exercise in teen slasher flick with lashings of soft porn, this really is perfect; it's literally impossible not to be entertained. Its a parody of a clich? of every possible cheesy interpretation of the genre - with almost unprecedented lashings of violence and boobs. Its hilarious, just don't take it seriously (at all) and its massive fun.

Example: In a fight to death with insane zombie, hot semi-naked chick covered in zombie goo and blood stands looking shell-shocked, and wouldn't you know it - finds herself standing right on top of the garden sprayer system. What better time rinse off all the horror in the moonlight. You shake your head saying "Did they seriously really just do that?" whilst thoroughly enjoying the moment.

It ain't Shakespeare, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Roll on the sequel.

Reviewed by richardhoughton 2 / 10

Bad Movie / Bad Actors / Bad Actresses

New 2015 "Horror" slash Thriller. "Muck" This was very strange and odd and I didn't really like the acting or the story line, if any? I didn't really get it?

They started off with 5 teens in the middle of a swamp running from someone or something and 2 of them dead and 3 of them tired and wounded badly. One of them took 45 minutes to die despite having a bad cut across his chest and leg.

Most of the killing took place off camera so you don't see what happened to them, we are just told they are gone and dead.

The acting was poor, story was poor, and for 1 hour 20 this could have been a good movie but in the end was very disappointing!! I see others saying it was bad movie too?

Reviewed by kimmie_cutie 1 / 10

The writer wanted to hire girls to get their boobs out for him

What the... I have no words.

So lemme get this straight. You're 2 best friends were killed, you run for help, you decide hey - there's a bar, and there's a hot girl right there.. let's have a shot, and hey, I'm just gonna wash my face whilst I'm here because it's not like anyone is in any immediate danger of being savaged to death whilst they wait for me to save them. And the nudity... well my Husband loves a bit of T&A in a film (he's a guy,duh!) but even he couldn't understand why every girl in the move was flashing her silicones when they should perhaps be concentrating on , um I don't know..survival maybe?

We couldn't understand if this was a horror, comedy, or an audition for porno for the lovely leading ladies. That being said, the only thing they could do was take off their clothes as their acting skills left a LOT to be desired. Where did they find these girls?! In the back pages of a magazine me thinks.

How on earth this film got the green light for production, I have no idea. And we were so outraged by the sh*tness of the overall film, I signed up to IMDb just to warn others about not only wasting time watching this spaff, but actually destroying braincells by watching it.

How people have given this anything over 1* I don't know. I can only assume that there are a couple of 15yr old boys banging the bishop to the boobies.

So in short...I just died inside after watching this ..erm...'film'

(Oh, and the girl in the club bathroom changing her underwear 20 times???? WHY???)


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