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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tobi_mundinger 10 / 10

Very nice family movie

Outstanding Family Entertainment! European made and definitely now reason to stand back against the US! Amazing animation quality and nice story line by German bestselling author David Safier. Must see movie for each Happy Family or struggling to become one. Take your kids and go ahead. Enjoy :-)

Reviewed by revolt_of_tirnaill 10 / 10

I love this movie! I have become a fan of Dracula.

I am Japanese. My English may be wrong, but please understand.

I saw "Monster Family" in an airplane for overseas business trip. (I saw it after a serious masterpiece war movie) It's very entertaining and it is a fun movie just watching. Animation is a feeling that the staff understands and makes. For example, even a small gesture is wonderful!

It is a family movie, but this is also a love romance movie with a villain. It may be that I have watched it with a different viewpoint with other people. But that is a high score. I am fascinated by the situation of romance between Emma and Dracula! But Emma has a family and she is a married woman. Conflict of her heart.

Ah! ! What a beautiful movie for a villain lover! !
Dracula, appearing in line with the first Toccata song, is too cool ...! !
And he also has a comedy scene properly. it's the best!

You who likes vampires and villains there!
I will seriously recommend this movie!!

Reviewed by mickemaster 5 / 10

Not so good movie as I expected

I didn't ear nothing about this movie until I saw it in the cinemas and for the rating I saw here I really expected a much better movie. Can't deny the excellent quality of the animation, I really enjoyed to see such a good work, but the story wasn't really so good. The movie is funny sometimes, it made me smile a few times and I think my kids liked it, but I've seen much better animated movies with not so good animation but with a much better story. It's good to see other productions not only from Hollywood but please, don't try to make us think that just a well done animation can make a good movie. Maybe next time.

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