Mary and the Witch's Flower


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chickengirl001 8 / 10

Don't be misled by the negative reviews here for this movie

Just came back from the one time only screening of this movie in Austin TX. I'm a bit confused by the super-negative reviews of this film. I guess people were expecting a film on par with past Studio Ghibli movies? Lets be real here, as sad as it is, the age of Studio Ghibli is over, unless Hayao Miyazaki decides to return to the directors seat and make another full-length feature film. Which at this point seems unlikely. The fact that we have a studio like Ponoc to carry on the torch of 2D animated projects in the style of Gibli should be celebrated I think.

I went into this movie not expecting it to be on par with any of Studio Ghibli's past works, yes it's no Howl's Moving Castle or Spirited Away. I did enjoy Mary and the Witch's Flower more so than Miyazaki's last two films, The Wind Rises and Ponyo. The only other Hiromasa Yonebayashi films I've seen was Arriety, never saw When Marine Was There. I do think this film is better than Arriety was.

Mary and the Witches Flower looks like a Studio Ghibli film, the character animation is really great, the backgrounds, while reminiscent of past Ghibli works are nice, but not on the same level of detail, which was fine to me. The characters and the story is good, again, not as solid as past Ghibli works, but I enjoyed it overall. The biggest thing lacking to be was a musical score from Joe Hisaishi, but he has never done music for a Hiromasa Yonebayashi film. The last film he composed music for was The Princess Kaguya, which was a big deal.

I'm getting off-track here, but the last I will say is that is if you are a fan of Studio Ghibli, and are yearning to see a full-length feature film in traditional 2D animation, go see this film if you are able to, just don't go in expecting it to be as good as one of the Studio Ghibli classics.

Reviewed by hugofanning 8 / 10

Refreshing story, entertaining from start to finish

These reviews here lead me to believe the movie was going to be boring or something. It's entertaining the entire way through. Best movie I've seen in the cinema in over a year.

Sure it's not as good as Spirited Away, but that was rated as the best animated film of the 2000s so of course it's going to be hard to beat.

The soundtrack in this film is great, lots of recurring themes in the right times. The animation is lush and looks like it came from Ghibli. I really don't see why anyone wouldn't like this movie, it was really good.

Go see it for yourself, don't listen to the reviews. The story was good, the animation was good, the sound was good.

Reviewed by mowglicorrea 8 / 10

Wonderful animation from Studio Ghibli Alumni

*No Spoilers
The first feature length work of animation from Studio Ponoc is a careful interpretation of a classic 1971 children's book. The story is filled with plenty of action and suspense while staying appropriate for younger children. There are no true villains in this story but rather people in conflict because they want different things for themselves.
Studio Ponoc includes a group of individuals who banded together after Miyazaki and Takahata announced their retirement from full time features in 2014. As a result this work has a distinct similarity to the visual style of Studio Ghibli films.

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