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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imgothamsreckoning-623-394990 10 / 10

The ultimate homage to bad movies!

I can not honestly think of anything that I disliked about this movie. Right from the beginning it had me in hysterics and continued to keep me in a state of laughter for the full hour run time. What makes this film so funny is not necessarily the jokes (the case with comedies), but is in fact because the acting, voice acting, storyline, animations etc are so purposely bad that it's easily clear they are making fun of their own film. And with this, you end up laughing like a hyena for the entire duration. It's clear that the writers of this film knew exactly what made old bad sci-fi films so bad and used this knowledge to create a genius script. In conclusion,If you were a fan of the old bad sci-fi films... You'll love this

If you are a fan of films which really aren't serious... You'll love this

If you are a human with a beating heart...You'll love this

Reviewed by ShamyClothStrikesBack 10 / 10

I shall keep my review for Manborg short and sweet.

If you are like me, and you're a fan of action movies, video games like Mortal Kombat, and movies in the vain of those churned out by Troma, then you need to see this film immediately as it is an ode to 80s brilliance and is utterly brilliant itself - if you remember a time when movies were fun, where you cheered at the screen, munched on popcorn and didn't have to worry about jaded pseudo-film critic friends making snide commentaries in an attempt to ruin your enjoyment; when you just enjoyed fun for fun's sake, then this movie is for you. If you love Cyborgs, laughs and excitement, this movie is not to be missed. I'll leave the rest up to you, pick up a copy & defy Draculon today! You can thank me later. And don't forget to scream Manborg at the top of your lungs.

Reviewed by adam-myles 10 / 10

A fantastical romp through the days of VHS greatness

If there is one thing that is to be said about MANBORG is that even if you did not like what you saw, you sure as hell respect how Steve Kostanski and the crew pulled it off.

Growing up in the days of wandering mom and pop VHS rental stores, in search of that one piece of cover-art that showed a promise. Not just any promise, a promise that you were about to spend your hard earned allowance on something exciting, and something you most likely have never seen before!

The promise that MANBORG makes is that you will re-live those exciting days. It's got great cover-art and a premise that seems so familiar, yet you want to see it anyways!

The acting is bad, in a great way, and the stop animation is a definite throwback to days before CGI was used for EVERY DAMN THING YOU SAW...... The movie really holds good on its promise of providing a good time with family and friends. So without hesitation PICK UP A COPY when it comes available for purchase, or SUPPORT THE EFFORTS and see it in it's limited theatrical screenings.

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