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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bill Bagnall 10 / 10

very different but very good

Brothers Lucky and Raphael have always lived on the wrong side of the law. When a 'job' goes very wrong and Lucky finds himself in debt to local heavies, Sebastian and Kramer, he is forced to join his wayward brother on the biggest heist of their careers.

While Raphael concocts a plan to rob the casino of the most powerful crime-lord in town, Mr Zigic, and enlists the help of Zigic's own unwitting nephew Niko and employee Eli, Lucky is distracted by the girl of his dreams, femme fatale Bridgett, who may not be all that she seems.

With betrayals and twists of fate, it seems everyone has an ulterior motive. The question is who, can the brothers trust on the most important night of their lives? Very impressed with the acting.

A good twist to the story at the end as well.

Afer reading this i thought i would have a look. Very good acting and not too Hollywood.

Look forward to getting this on DVD, worth another look.

Reviewed by umarahnaz 10 / 10

Great Brit Film!

When i write the words 'British heist thriller' i can almost hear the collective groan reverberate and the words 'not another one! It's a genre that's been in and out of our cinemas more regularly than the popcorn delivery man. But new movie Get Lucky definitely does the genre justice with it's interesting plot, fabulous action, exhilarating car chases and a boat chase thrown in for good measure! Throw in some glamour, romance, comedy and stunning and iconic London locations and you have the makings of a thoroughly good watch.

The film is centred around two brothers, Lucky and Raphael, who earn a living less honest than most. When kid brother Lucky becomes involved in a robbery, a casino heist planned by Raphael, becomes the means for Lucky to pay the stolen money back to thugs Sebastian and Kramer, who work for local crime lord Mr Zigic. But all is not as it seems and the twists and turns begin.

The film is directed by Sacha Bennet (Bonded By Blood, Outside Bet) and stars Olivier award winner Luke Treadaway as main protagonist, Lucky. TJ Ramini (The Bill, NCIS, 24) plays the role of Raphael and also makes his debut as the films screenplay writer. They are joined by a fantastic cast comprising of Terry Stone, Craig Fairbrass, Marek Oravec, Jason Maza and Richie Campbell. Glamour, romance and more is provided by Emily Attack of The Inbetweeners fame.

What i love about the film is its fast pace. From the outset the audience is thrust into the action. Some may argue that this gives no time for the characters to develop, but i think that this works in the films favour as it keeps the viewer engaged at all times, moving quickly from one scene to the next. If you want a three hour epic watch The Godfather!

The comedy in the film is also one of its strengths, with Terry Stone (Kramer) and Marek Oravec (Niko) stealing some of the best lines.The jokes aren't cheesy and are delivered well by the actors, who seemed to have a real on-screen chemistry amongst them.

Being a self confessed action girl myself i found the action sequences, gun fights and car chases exciting.The violence (an obvious part of the movie!) isn't overpowering. Far too many filmmakers depict unnecessary amounts of violence and gore to grab the audiences attention with shock factor, but Get Lucky finds the right balance. Could have been a bit more swearing in my opinion though!

One of my favourite parts was the actual casino robbery. The decision to go 'old school' by Raphael with the tommy guns, trilby hats and scarves over the faces was genius. It gave the film an adult Bugsy Malone feel which immediately took me on a nostalgic journey back to my childhood. No cream in these guns however!

Add to all of the above a great soundtrack and you have a great mix for a fine movie. If you're looking for a fast paced, fun, action packed film then Get Lucky is definitely for you.

Reviewed by Jake Faktor 9 / 10

Another classic Brit film

I watched this film recently and really enjoyed it. It has a bit of everything from your typical gritty storyline interspersed with humour and a good few twists to the plot along the way. Craig Fairbrass was the stand out actor for me as he delivered once again as only he can. Emily Attack provided the touch of glamour as well as portraying a very convincing femme fatale. After the recent spate of Brit films one could be forgiven for thinking that this was going to be another mundane film off the production line. It was therefore refreshing to see this film deliver with a good storyline and not fall into the trap of being predictable. A big thumbs go and watch it.

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