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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris LaChance 10 / 10

Oddly Hypnotising

I don't know what it is with me and random films but this one was awesome. Sure, it's going to be hated by a lot of movie watchers. It lacks length and depth to the story, but for some reason it is pleasurable to watch. The crisp shots at the beginning, the visceral concise shooting from Harwood in the opening scene. He's exactly how I would be in that situation. Pop, pop, pop then give the last guy a bullet in the back. It was nuts. I was hoping he'd stay throughout the whole movie. The only thing I wished was added, is more civilians/wanderers who make the misfortune of stumbling into town, maybe let the surviving brother have to get initiated into the family(Before writing him into killing everyone) LOL Then we could get the family perspectives of their little operation. This movie had me pumped through it's entirety. Even A-List Blockbusters rarely keep me aroused the entire movie. So for that experience alone, I give it a 10/10 Bravo Chris Hoffman and to your Amazing Cast(Supreme Actors BTW)

Reviewed by ncham 9 / 10

I enjoyed it

Not sure of/why the couple, on the negative side, reviews. I don't get into the hoopla of filmmaking. I wanted to watch a horror movie, and I got a horror movie. People who care about goofs, color shots, and all that crap are ruining filmmaking for people who want to just plain see a horror movie. It is 2017, and they borrowed aspects of previous horror movies nicely, while adding their own flare. To sum it up, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, and would recommend it. So F*** the whiny people, and sit back and enjoy a decent horror film.

Reviewed by NYAmicas 6 / 10

God help me but I enjoyed this movie

Listen, I get the bad reviews I really do but this delivered gore, action, and some very strange, original characters. The camera angles and score also kept my interest and built up intrigue but I must complain about the second half of the film, it really falls flat and nothing much happens. Would I run out and buy the DVD, no but like I said the movie was "fun" and the actors really were dedicated to their roles, especially the murderous townies.

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