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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by khannaini 6 / 10

It was OK

I am a big fan of horror movies. this movie is not that good but better then some horror movies i have seen before.... its like you want it to be over but you also want to see whats gonna happen next....

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 3 / 10

You know there is no way out

A group of college age kids call themselves "Hell Gang." Eddie (Ian Bamberg) wants to join. All he has to do is walk down a path at night....about a quarter mile we are told and film a haunted house, then come back. When Eddie never comes back, it is Hell Gang to the rescue.

We get the back story to the haunted house during the credits. It is explained shorty afterwards, and then explained the right way. The film was hand held footage. The story line was fairly good, but the execution was lacking unless you like to watch a bunch of guys in a panic screaming like girls. They even laugh like girls during the end credits. I did like the photo effect in the film.

Guide: No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Flow 3 / 10

No No - No No!

Delirium was one of the most boring experiences I went through lately. A found footage with nothing to show, with a story that takes forever to happen and a slightly better ending than the rest of the plot.

This isn't something I would recommend, it is better to look elsewhere as it has nothing to put on the table. Crumbs, but that's about it. So without going too much into it, the story is weak, acting is so-so for such a production and overall you get bored or annoyed. Depending on your state of mind before starting the movie.


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