Cockneys vs Zombies


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by minerva1961 9 / 10

Hilarious - but has ruined The Walking Dead for me!

OMG my boys and I watched this last night and it was hilarious, totally unexpected but so freaking funny, it was pretty gory and the very first bit of gore had this old geezer grossed out but then turned into standard zombie blood fest. I thought yet another crap zombie movie but this was different, there are parts in this movie when I had tears of laughter rolling down my face - two scenes in particular had me laughing out unexpected... it's not going to win any awards (except maybe comedy of the year!) but it's just so funny, however if you love The Walking Dead then don't watch this because it will spoil that series forever, you will never see a zombie in the same light again! So freaking funny!

The old geezers with their cursing are marvellous - grey beards rule... and how the hell did they get Honor Blackman and Richard Briers to star in this. Do go to see it, it's very very British humour and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Reviewed by 5h4d0w 8 / 10

Very amusing zombie comedy with just some minor issues

The trailer for this movie actually represents what you get very, very well. Quite a bit of gore and funny moments. In fact, I thought that I would find it less funny than I did. There is some really witty writing here.

However, what already bothered me in the trailer really did not sit well with me in the movie too. Namely when the writing goes from witty to dim-witted. Mostly because of those one-liners. Although even some of the serious dialog seems just too unnatural and clich?d.

Also, for my taste, there is a little bit too much cutting to a certain location where people are stuck. There is nothing going on aside from some of the pretty awful dialog I just referred to.

A minor complaint, since there is still plenty of gory action going on, would be that there are some scenes in which gore spatters from off-screen where I would have preferred to see the action on-screen.

In the end, it is about a fun, gory ride and "Cockneys vs Zombies" sure delivers when it comes to that. However, productions such as "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" or "Shaun of the Dead" have demonstrated that one doesn't have to rely on formulaic dialog and one-liners so heavily in order to create a fun splatter film that is actually fun.

Reviewed by Ashman711711 8 / 10

Great English Zombie Flick.

First, it's a movie about zombies and it's English, so don't go in expecting some grandiose academy award winners. What we have is a film that is meant to be watched and enjoyed. It's purpose is to entertain us with zombies, gore, and the best type of dry Brit humor one can find. A job it accomplishes rather nicely.

It never takes itself seriously but doesn't go full on to cheeky parody mode either. I have to agree that like Shaun of the Dead or Tucker & DAle Vs Evil, this one has successfully blended a great comedy with a good horror flick. though I'll warn it's more about the good gore one finds rather than scares.

By far the strongest actor would be Alan Ford who fills the character role of "Grandad" brilliantly as the cantankerous grandfather of the two leads and the caretaker of an old folks home. He has some of the best lines- most of which you simply don't expect or at least won't know what the heck is gonna be said next. right from the get go with opening credits you have the idea it's gonna be a fun, somewhat satirical ride and indeed it is. In all, the plot isn't that much of a stretch(it's zombies) but the actors and director make it work. it has a decent music score too. after viewing it may not be in some horror fan's top fav list, but it will certainly not disappoint. (also if you like crass British slang you'll like this movie)

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