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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10

Really enjoyable if slightly flawed possession effort

Moving to a secluded house, friends helping a woman care for her disturbed brother find the house was used to summon a horde of demons which possess the group one-by-one and begin tormenting them for their own pleasure forcing them find a way of leaving the house alive.

This was quite an enjoyable effort. One of the more enjoyable aspects of this one is the fact that there's such a ravenous and chaotic energy present throughout this one which is quite an important feat. There's plenty to like with the film's scenes of the demonic imagery present throughout the walls and windows of the cabin which signal the start of the haunting leading into the possession and eventual outpouring of chilling incidents in the house which are quite enjoyable. With the scenes generally featuring plenty of voices echoing from deep in the house or showing them wandering through hallucinations featuring cult members engaging in the ritual slaughter with the lone victim being ripped apart, there's a generally creepy and atmospheric tone throughout here that sets the film's rather strong action in motion. The start of the possession with his increased physical mobility and threatening nature starts in on the scenes of the friends slowly tormenting them with otherworldly actions where they're clearly under the influence of some demonic force where it deals with the pregnant friend cutting herself up and then tormenting the remaining members of the group, the supposedly crippled friend turning around and brawling with the group and the various scenes of the demonically-possessed beings going around tormenting them in some rather fun chilling moments that are rather nicely handled. There's also a lot to like with the way the demonic action is mixed together with the creepy look of the possessed individuals, going from the traditional dark skin and blackened eyes along with the disfigured voice bringing about physical deformities that emerged from the incidents concerning their original deaths which are nice handled and makes for a great demonic force. Coupled with the rather brutal and bloody action with the demons driving them to mutilate and disfigure themselves in shocking moments, there's plenty to like here even though it does have a few minor flaws. The biggest issue here is the rather complex and confusing backstory to everything here which is glossed over rather quickly and doesn't really make much sense. There's little about why the house was used or what the purpose of it all was for so the way they get released seems rather clunky and really hamfisted. That also applies to the rushed and confused finale, where it seems to switch personalities on the participants without any real reason and everything just doesn't make any sense. The last big issue, and what really hurts this one the most, is the fact that this one is so structurally and stylistically similar to dozens and dozens of other efforts doesn't really do much for it as it plays into the suspected tropes so easily it doesn't offer up much in the way of surprises as it goes along. Beyond these qualms, there's a lot to like here.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Nudity.

Reviewed by Stephen Abell 7 / 10

A Nice Surprise

Isn't it just the case, after I moan about dull and boring new horror movies something comes along to prove me wrong... and boy am I glad to be wrong, I just hope this isn't the exception.

Bornless Ones surprised the hell out of me. This is a real budget film; there's only one production company and one distribution company. So my hopes were not too high, to begin with.

What you get is a pretty decent story based around the occult with daemons taking possession of the living under the guise of helping. Though this has been done a few times the addition of the possessed secrets coming out and giving the daemons the capability to torment and torture their prey is a nice twist, which adds to the strength of the story.

Another bonus, for me and the film, is the actors. Though most are not well known, except maybe for Austrailian Mark Furze for his stint on Home and Away, they all give sterling performances.

Michael Johnston gives a great performance as a cerebral palsy suffer, Zack, who seems to recover from the incurable illness.

Margaret Judson portrays Emily, Zack's sister, who is now charged with looking after him after their mother dies in a fire during a car crash. She is believable as a sister under stress and strain while trying, so hard, do the right thing, even though it negatively affects her relationship with her husband.

Devin Goodsell plays Jesse, Emily's husband, who, not only suffering the new stress of looking after Zack and the relationship trouble it brings, is also having work problems and has been suspended from his teaching position.

Mark Furze and Bobby T personate their friends Woodrow and Michelle. Mark Furze is very believable as an American Jock who will do anything to help his friend and girlfriend. Bobby T is also a talented actress who gives a more than credible performance.

These are actors and actresses to watch out for. If I could make a film, I would consider these five in the running.

The credit for the story and its screen depiction goes to the writer and director Alexander Babaev. He does a nice thing of including daemons into the occult, along with their sigils and symbols. I have a cold shiver of dread when I see the writer and the director are one in the same because, in my experience, it hardly ever makes for a good film. However, like I stated at the start of the review, I am glad to be wrong. With this film, Babaev has me committed to watching his next movie, should there be one... and I hope there is.

There are some decent special effects in this film as they use wet-work, most of the time. The only bad effect is the CGI Guardians, as these are spirits made out of mist, they just don't look as realistic as they should, luckily they don't detract from the film too much as they're only on screen for a few seconds; though they are memorable for the wrong reasons.

For all the Horror Fans out there I would recommend this as a late night view, grab a beer and settle down for a decent movie.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 6 / 10

A Decent Attempt

Simply put, "The Bornless Ones" is a movie about possession. A couple and two of their friends visit a cabin in order that Emily's brother can have some rest and relaxation. Involved in a horrible auto accident, he appears to be close to death. Miraculously he seems to be getting better and better--but he is also hearing voices. Little does anyone know he (and everyone around him) will pay the piper to the unknown and this "cabin in the woods" is the worst place they could have chosen to go.

The movie was alright. It wasn't anything great, but the director kept his characters reeled in, which is a nice change for movies such as these. I think the movie borrowed heavily from the original "Evil Dead"--it just wasn't nearly as good. I do enjoy movies that let you know "NO ONE" is safe, no matter how pure he/she may come across.

Rated "R" for brief nudity, explicit language, and violence. I thought this one was a little more fresh than most of its genre.

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