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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by intelearts 10 / 10

Tremendous Romantic Adventure - Forget The Cynics!

Australia is a totally unashamedly romantic adventure film painted on a huge canvas.

We totally enjoyed every minute: it is what cinema can be - stirring, fun, involving - and made us forget the world for nearly three hours.

If Spielberg had made this (And it really looks like he could have) it would be called a masterpiece - Luhrman has done a fantastic job and if it needed reediting then they got it right.

It is fun, big fun, with a real sense of adventure and romance and we loved it.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman are well supported by an excellent cast and produce great chemistry.

All in all in a sea of serious films this stands out as being tremendously good entertainment and a marvelous film.

We love it.

Reviewed by gryffindor249 9 / 10

Down Under With the Wind

I have always been a sucker for dramas set against Australia (I am a Yank), and this one does not disappoint. Led by top-shelf work by Kidman and Jackman, the movie has sweep, romance, excitement and a bit of mysticism. World War 2 has inspired some of the great films of the last half-century and this can emphatically be added to the list. Can it veer a bit towards melodrama, schmaltz and corn? Yes-but what great romantic epic does not? It pays homage to the great romantic war films while adding a dose of Baz's own quirkiness that keeps one from feeling they are seeing merely a facsimile. This kind of film is why they build movie theatres.

Reviewed by MovieZoo 9 / 10

Australia surpasses hype with unexpected magic

If you are thinking this movie is just another so-called epic and the performances are more of the same from familiar faces, you cannot possibly be ready for what you will witness when you see this truly exceptional wonder.

I was drawn to Australia purely on fair expectations of Kidman and Jackman doing their cowboy stuff, thinking I will possibly see something reminiscent of Gone With the Wind. I found myself glued to a spell-binding splendor on screen that cinema has sorely needed for so many years.

Both Kidman and Jackman seemed to equally put as much as is possible into their parts. She was truly funny and yet serious as her character demanded. She has never been any better in anything I have seen(that does not include Far and AWay because I have not seen it). He, too, was funny and yet every bit as hard and serious as you would hope a man in his position would be. Both have their weak moments that drew more than a few tears from me.

Baz showed how great a story teller he is by using all the hooks he can think of. Magic, music, love, memories, anger, fear, hate, awe and hope fill this movie as much as the natural beauty of Australia fills the screen. Don't think for one moment there was no soft imaging or CGI because there was when it was needed. Oh, and thanks for not letting Nicole sing the whole song. That was a wise choice. I think her voice is fine, I just think "that" song was not meant to be sung by anyone in the movie.

Thank you, Baz, for such a memorable work of art. You and your creation get a 9 from me.

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